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Protect your investment with HVAC services designed to create comfortable, energy efficient environments.

High Plains' mechanical services safeguard against downtime and premature equipment failure while keeping facilities safe and comfortable. Our experienced HVAC technicians play a vital role in the daily operations of facility productivity and efficiency.

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At High Plains Mechanical Service, we provide commercial HVAC services to building owners and facility managers throughout Colorado and Wyoming. Established in 1983, we have worked with clients to improve energy efficiency and mechanical performance for over 40 years.

Focused on Energy Efficiency

"Quality Service is Only the Beginning..."

That’s more than a motto; it’s how we work. All of our industrial HVAC solutions are focused on helping our clients keeping operating expenses under control through innovative, quality mechanical services. From operational assessments to planned maintenance and energy optimization, our team of experienced technicians are dedicated to making your facilities run at peak performance.

Client Focused

Every High Plains Mechanical client is treated to the highest quality service available in the industry. While we’ve grown throughout the years and our recent acquisition by Service Logic has provided the support and resources of a national leader in the HVAC space, our success has always come from the long-term relationships we’re proud to develop with clients. High Plains Mechanical's wide variety of commercial, industrial and institutional clients expands our experience every day.

Team Driven

Our talented team members include some of the most experienced engineers, HVAC technicians and sales professionals in the industry. In fact, our technicians are so trusted by our clients, 90% of our business comes from long-term service contracts from clients who consistently renew because they depend on High Plains Mechanical Service to:

  • extend the life of their equipment
  • reduce energy costs
  • prevent expensive equipment repairs
  • reduce the risk of downtime

Continual education is a priority for our engineers and technicians. All are required to take part in our industry-leading educational program. While we’re proud to maintain a very low turnover rate, we are constantly seeking the most talented new team members available.

Invested in Technology

Outstanding business systems are required to provide customers the very best services possible. High Plains Mechanical’s state-of-the-art service center provides VoIP Data, Accounting tools, customized tracking and tasking, and CRM tools. We consistently invest in the latest in engineering, estimating, energy modeling and project management tools. These resources complement the talents of our quality team of experts to ensure consistent results for our clients.

Get Your Building Energy Star Rated
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What to Look For in an HVAC Technician.

You don't want to put the long-term life and effectiveness of your HVAC equipment in the hands of just anyone. Qualified technicians are paramount to ensuring the longevity of your mechanical investment. In addition to being reliable, timely, prepared and professional, make sure to ask about training and experience.

How to Save Money With Energy Efficient Systems

We know the path to energy sustainability is a journey not an event. We partner with each client to analyze their utility bills, identify no-cost/low-cost savings opportunities, implement operations and maintenance practices and identify system upgrades and retrofits with a return on investment.

What goes into an HVAC System? Built Up system vs. Package (Unitary) system

Which one is right for your facility? See the difference and learn about the components each includes.

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